The Song...

Went better than I anticipated and Catherine I am sorry, no video footage-to my recolection! It was a good BBQ because the weather cooperated, and everyone ate and was merry. We had lots left over so we gave it to some non-profit organization, they were well pleased.


A mysterious pop can made its way into the bottle depot(the buisness across the way from us!)and was actually a bomb thingy..it exploded upon opening and white dust went everywhere. So then the fire trucks, police, ambulance and like CSI dudes came, following close behind was of course REPORTERS!- boo! But on the upside they blocked the road meaning zero customers and lots of time to get things that needed to get done, done! There is only one road to where our buisness is located, it was closed for close to 2 1/2 hrs making our lives easy.

So the next thing to tackle are those dang teeth of mine..

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