Breaking through the junk...

sorting out the trash..

This marks my third day of being home by myself and I feel like I am going loopy. Probably because there is no one here besides Charlie and I am used to just a little bit of noise. My mouth is healing I think, it still aches really bad in the morning but I assume that is just supposed to happen so I'm not freaking out.

I have accumulated clutter...have you? This always happens to me when I live from a suitcase for a period of time..and last year was a period of time for me. I try to get in the habit that when I buy something(or something is given to me) that something in return must go but since I haven't been with all my stuff nothing has really went..I spent the latter of this morning sorting throught my room, going through the junk, sorting what can be recycled what is just "trash" worthy. I have too much stuff! I mean no I don't have 79 pairs of shoes but I do have shoes I haven't seen in like 4 years, and that is ridiculous. I find you need to be in a "throwing out" mood to sort otherwise nothing gets accomplished. Today all I had was "get it out" on my mind and I really feel I accomplished a lot in my room..Now it is just to go downstairs and see how many other hidden rubber maid tubs I have in the basement(crossing my fingers for only a couple!)

As I sort through my belongings I start to sort through my emotions also, why I have this certain thing, who it connects me to and if it is healthy. Mostly it isn't healthy the reasons why I hold on to the things I have but by placing a spiritual element into the equation it quickly is sorted into one of the 2 piles: recycling or garbage..

I think Charlie thinks I may be crazy..and I just might be a little bit!


Cat said...

hey you are doing exactly what i need to do..i have some boxes at my parents that i need to go through...good thing you are doing it while your mom is gone otherwise she might tell you to not throw things out...i want to go and do mine when my mum is away...ssshhhh don't tell her :)

Anonymous said...

hey friend, thanks for the letter, i got it when i returned to camp. anyways, i hate going through my stuff too. i am a pack rat, and it is funny how the smallest thing, is something that you keep, and the memories that go along with it. I hope all is well.