The dog is ADD but he went too far...

My parents have been gone now on vacation for almost 2 weeks. I am starting to go a little loopy but Charlie(the dog) has been loopy for almost a week now, but yesterday he crossed the line..

I was so tired when I got home that I crawled right into my beddy just to lay there, not sleep just relax..Charlie found me..as he always does(it isn't too hard when I am the only one in this house). Well he went nuts...like scratching at me, trying to lick me, jumping on me, barking at me, growling...biting my hand..my relaxing little snuggle turned into hiding under the covers for my life..but then all of a sudden he was just GONE!

Instead of looking for him I enjoyed the brief moments of serenity, but then began to wonder where he was..is he in the bathtub? Is he pooping in the basement? Is he "marking" his territory by the television?- I better find out...

As I walk into the living room I am met with one litte shoe -*which may I add belongs to my build-a-bear "Sassy Sasha"-the bear at a value of 64 dollars-don't ask* I walk a bit more and another shoe...then I find the culprit...THERE IS CHARLIE and he has pulled up my poor bears little tanktop so it is almost off of her and he is working on the pants...HE was molesting my bear..I couldn't believe him...I freaked..saved Sasha from the cruel paws of Charlie to discover he already got her head..It was licked to pieces, I was disgusted and furious..so mad I called my mom to tell her "I am MAD at your dog"-

I forgave him..

On another note..everytime I let Charlie out in the backyard 3 psycho crows come and caw and circle him, I think they are trying to eat him, this has happenned 4 days now..I have contemplated leaving him out there an extra few minutes to see what happens but then I realised I would be shot! It is one thing if I say killed my moms plants but let some hungry crows feast on the blessed Charlie the Shi Tzu?- I wouldn't have a head!

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