dreams...red shoes...south america..

One thing leads to another and before you know it you don't even wanna make a life in Canada anymore..Please oh Please pray for wisdom for me..that I would hear God speaking because I know He is and that I would trust Him in what He has to say to me..

On another note..my red shoes are pretty cute..so cute I might wear them to bed tonight just because they are new and fun!

-Oh and the ADD dog is still stealing "Sassy Sasha"-we are officially in a fight..dang puppy!


Anonymous said...

South . . . America . . . you'll be even farther away!!

Anonymous said...

You're going to South America ???
Call me sometime. Natnat xxx

Anonymous said...

south america?? when did this happen??? when? where? and what are you doing there??? i will for sure be praying for you. secondly, you found red shoes!!! that's exciting!!