Sorry, We don't take styrofoam...or dirt..or puke..or vaccums..OR

sick bones from some animal that are decaying with maggots all over them! Ewww!

My summer job keeps getting more intense with each passing day! If it isn't the creepo at closing who decides to have a 25 minute one sided discussion about how much HIS life sucks then it must be that sneaky customer who pukes in his oil then drops it off..Or how about the fact that I am convinced very few people can read in Grande Prairie- it is a real sad story when I see people shoving sheets of styrofoam in the clearly marked bin "NO STYROFOAM PLEASE" - You think this sort of wretched stuff would happen at the DUMP! Oh, sorry.."Landfill"-but not the Eco Center..not with us greenys on guard...and I think the funniest misconception about Eco Center employees from the public eye is that we are actually retarded(no joke!) or that we are recycling nazis that dont want anything to go in the Landfill.. I mean I recycle but I am not going to dive in a blue bin after your baby swimming pool which is clearly not recyclable because it was made from recycled plastic- honestly..I don't care! So don't give me the lip when I say "No, we actually don't take toothpaste, because between you and me it isn't a household hazardous waste, it can really go in the garbage!" - Just put colgate in the trash and let me save that oxygen for a more constructive conversation!- Uffda!

But for real..this guy thought I was mentally challenged..you can ask my mom and the 2 guys that were there..we all almost peed our pants...I guess it was my random "Hi!" as soon as he got out of his truck looking for help..he looked all awkward and then in that "be nice tone" said "Hey there...."- then went towards our office looking for the non-handicap employees..at this everyone was laughing, I on the other hand was ticked..so I shouted a little "Excuse me sir can I help you with something"- I think then he knew I was a full functioning human being completely aware that he thought I was a handi..-again..whatever!

Then there is MRS. "ARE YOU WITH SOMEONE? HELLO ARE YOU WITH SOMEONE WHAT PART OF ARE YOU WITH SOMEONE DO YOU NOT GET"- I wanted to scream at her "GO HOME!" but instead I said "YES I AM HELPING SOMEONE"-wanted to add are you FREAKING blind..but hesitated..contemplated saying...or rather grieving the fact that in my dating life I am most certainly not with anyone..thought it could have been interesting to bring up that point of view but I bit my tongue and carried on knowing God loves her too..Glad I'm not God..

Anyways..a few tidbits of my last week...I got paid today so that sums up why I deal with all of the above!


Cat said...

the eco center sounds worse than the landfill....plus at the landfill you get to drive around in trucks for some of the day...my favorite part was when your mom would radio and i would notice someone going the wrong way to dump on the wrong spot and i would get to chase after them...i liked it the most when i had the beacon on top....

Breezy said...

ha ha, your week sounds alot more entertaining than mine

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah; I don't envy you at all. But, I have to be honest, the thing about people thinking you were mentally challenged . . . wow . . . hahahahahaha, I'm sorry, but that's just hilarious! And, no worries; you don't give off that vibe!