I am home!

I arrived to my homeland after 3 in the afternoon yesterday to see nothing has really changed. People still honk their horns, bike riders still believe they own the road, and my dad most definitely still cannot recognize me in traffic!

I love being home! It is just nice to relax and talk. By talking I mean actually sharing things and feeling safe to share anything.

Last night Mom and I went to the Dream Home which we are apparently going to "win"--We are "going to win" every year! It is really nice this year though so I would be stoked! Then we went to PetLand because who doesnt love pets. I let Charlie sniff a little black cockerspaniel but the guy who worked there said Charlie could have a disease and shouldnt be touching little cockerspaniel. He also referred to Charlie as a girl, who does that? Have you seen his black balls? haha! Then we went to Cash for Camping and toured through many campers and the like. No day is complete without a stop at Dairy Queen for ice cream, so mom and I did that! Then we went to Blockbuster and bought the movie "The Bee Movie"-I love it so much..

That was most of my night..-Ben bought me JUNO for my birthday so we watched part of that in the late of the night.

Being home is good.


Cat said...

oh the dream home and DQ that brings abck memories....is your mom announcing to everyone that she is winning it this year? is the house better than last year?

Walshy said...

the house is better than last year! The kitchen is HUGE!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you made it home safe ... enjoy being home and those long chats with your mom.

Maybe you'll win this year!!!

Love you,
Natashia xxx