It was in my moms car!

My mom found the missing phone! I was really excited...due to the fact that I had discussed the night before the find that I should just go buy a new one- good thing I got too lazy and didn't go out!

Ben broke his guitar so it was out of commission since Friday. It is now Wednesday and it is most definitely fixed. I am enjoying(no sarcasm) listening to rock and roll as the background music to my Sarah McLachlan. He will be a rock star yet...pure stardom..

Also I watched CSI NY tonight and was so choked..The scenario was very intense and the whole hour had me on my last string trying to figure out the murder. (When I lived in Shaunavon Judy(the lady I lived with) and me would pretend we were crime scene investigators, every monday!)- Anyways and it was one of those stupid "to be continued" episodes..I almost wanted to email the CSI producers and rant..I just want to know what happens..there is a CSI in a suburban with a murderer(who pretended to be innocent) and he is pointing a gun at the CSI's head..you are about to freak out as a viewer..then..."To Be Continued" jumps on a pure black screen..WHATEVER!

haha..-I will get over it..

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