Just another day in paradise..

today is my very first official day off...and good it has been thus far..

I mean the day is still young, it is still the a.m. but I already spent an hour and a half of depression in a dentist chair..booo..but my dentist is really nice so that helps..

I don't have any big plans for the day because that would require me having friends in Grande Prairie, which I lack HUGE! It is like a complete isolation zone up here..but maybe I could clean the house or do random acts of kindness towards my family..

I could clean Ben's room! SCARY! ahhh..

we will see what happens..


Cat said...

i wouldn't clean bens room because he probably knows exactly where everything is and if you clean it he won't know where things are and he will be mad

Marian said...

i miss you!!! soon i will be in alberta...and by soon i mean like a month...