A Picture Tribute..

to Shaunavon- Cheers.!


The Snowman

Judy and the snowman

Fluffles and the snowman

Nathan and Chloe

BreAnn and Moi

Marian and Moi!

Moi, Renee and Jesse

Melanie and Moi!


Dave, Greg, Meghan and Iris

Renee and Steph

Michelle and Steph

Steph, Renee, Moi and Michelle.'


Anonymous said...

You look so pretty and all grown-up
Mumma Proud

Anonymous said...

love the pics ... especially the snowman!!

are you free one evening for a phone date?

love ya,
natashia xxx

Walshy said...

I am any evening..I love you..I have no life..so just call!

Breezy said...

i don't remember you taking that pic of me with a toothbrush in my mouth, lol. Nice photos :)