Keep your puke to yourself! yuck!

So today was interesting, it turned out to be a great day of work but there was one moment that made me just a litte angry..

At work we recycle used oil. This process consists of lifting 20L pails of oil up about 3 feet then dumping it into a drum. Usually when we are dumping oil things will come with the oil, old nuts and bolts, oil filters, and things like dirty rags. Today was a bit different. I was a little busy so I opened a pail and let it drain while I was helping another customer with a few things. When I finally returned to my oil the drum was backed up. At this I grabbed a garden shovel and stirred the oil around a bit so it could drain, at this point there was a weird smell in the air. Once the oil began to drain I noticed strange things in large amounts at the bottom of the drain, things like...carrots...potatoes..celery...PUKE! Some lameo decided to puke in his freaking oil and then kindly drop it off for me(the innocent bystander) to have to deal with. I almost puked and cried all at the same moment..it was horrific!

It is over though..

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a great dinner for my mother and nanny..It was delicious, huge steaks, stuffed potatoes, mixed veggies, mushrooms, onions and shrimp...it was good..

Hope your day was puke free..


Cat said...

so freaking sick.....i think that is worse than anything i experienced at the landfill...i would rather shovel the sludge off of the road

Breezy said...

Thats disgusting!!....but i've seen worse.... o i looove my job ha ha :)