MAR my newest best friend!

This post is dedicated to Marlene! She is my newest friend in whom I love so dearly! Anyways she is a blind woman from our congregation that has completely stolen my heart. She is a good old country singer in love with Jesus, wow! She was born blind, was part of the too much oxygen in the incubators era of life! Anyways she was married for what I take as a long time but about 7 years ago got a divorce and moved from Minnesota out here to California! She works at a college publishing books for the blind. I have been very interested in this woman and the gifts God has given her. I ask if you read this to offer her up to our Lord in prayer. She is very nervous with me leaving, pray for another good friend to rise up for her and that she will continue to step out and be bold!

She is lovely..

Marlene, corrines head. Me, Grace(secretary)



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Momma Bear said...

She's beautiful Sarah. I so enjoyed talking to her and hearing her sing.