I guess that is what some would call it. I am making it, treking along doing what I can to be positive and pray for God to come into each second of my day and days to follow.

Based on being so terribly bitter about my schooling and practicum I have decided to look at things from a completely different angle.

-I only have to poke people for 8 more working days, that is totally within my reach even though I am so easily wavered to think not.

-I only have 13 more working days of my complete practicum before I am finished with SAIT and can go work at some stupid place in Calgary with Nat Nat.

-On that note...17 or 18 more days until I can cry a whole 8 weeks worth of tears on Nat Nats shoulder while we do shots of ice tea and watch some sappy flick- I cannot wait for that one!

-I think I can make it! I know I can even though I daily feel like I cannot.

Sarah --mommy I miss you..


Anonymous said...

Sarah! I tried texting you. Check out Jeremiah 31: 1-4. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

also, I would come live in a hut with you anytime.

Cat said...

you know what i just realized...you poke people with needles all the time yet you HATE getting poked with a needle...i find that funny

Natashia said...

Yes!! I'm so ready for ice tea shots!! And my shoulders waiting for you hunny ... praying that you have a good 3 weeks in God's presence. Love ya xxx