10 days have past!

An update..

*2 more days of practicum.

*It is snowing today.

*My older brother is engaged.

*My older brother's fiancees dads in the hospital.

*My dads birthday is on Saturday :)

*My little brother is in the middle of diplomas in High School/newsflash he is in grade 12! Ah!

*Soon it is breakforth.

Life carries on, it gets busy, I swim in it and pray I don't sink. This last week has been especially good for me a little redemption of the practicum I have been hating. It has given my perspective on other areas in the lab I could work so that is exciting. This is an end for me, I will be done and able to make a choice as to what I think I want to do after this. There is no schedule. It is weird to just "be" with your life. I like it though.


Cassy said...

Sarah..... if you will be at Breakforth, swing by the Insight for Living booth and give me a hug!

Walshy said...

Will do!