I go back soon...back to Lethbridge...back to practicum...back to the reward system!

I don't want too!!! I want to quit! Work for my dad, make lots of money and then go live in a dung hut somewheres, wanna join me?

I am now an official "grown up" I think, my dad said "you gotta finish what you started."


He is right...I "need" to finish...then what...work in it? make some moolah to support my little Joyce over in the Philippines? sounds like a plan...

I don't want to! Such a complainer am I..

Happy New Year!


Natashia said...

I'll live in a dung hut with you!! xxx

momma bear said...

Dung isn't my idea of fun but with you it would be. I love you Sarah Beara. There are so many things that we didn't do at Christ Mass because it was cold and busy and busy and cold. Having you here was a blessing to me because you are life! Sarah we love you, miss you, but don't idolize you ( that would be a sin) I hope you take good care of me when I am old and feeble. Come home again! Can't wait for breakforth!!! Love you xoxoxoxo