Google really does have everything!

Meet "Wacky Duck" as the Walsh family tends to call him! He is our favorite summer toy! Sadly tonight AUGUST 17 is the first time we have literally "dusted" him off and hooked him to our hose. He is the most friendliest little sprinkler any family could ever hope for and he is all ours! I thought I would google "duck sprinkler" and see if an image of him would pop up and would you believe one did! This internet buisness really is just that cool..Speaking of cool tonight after supper mom, dad and I induldged in wacky sprinkler fun times. I mean the heat in this city is too much to bear! I just wanted to share our little friend with other friends. I think I may say goodnight and convince my gaming little brother to jump through a walsh family tradition duck sprinkler..
Hope you are just ducky!

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Neil K said...

thanks for the comment Walsh :-D summers going to be over fast! so you better enjoy that little ducky as much as possible while he's still around!!!!