Day 5..

Well it is day 5 in the 10 day stretch for me! I am feeling a little tired but surprisingly I think I am doing A-ok! Must be that luckily none of the "real" idiots that I work with are working! YAH!

Well it is sunny today to add to my working life, wish it could be chilly then I wouldn't hate the fact that I must put the steel toes on again and work.

In happy news..Family comes home on Tuesday night, I leave on Friday night, Mike will be at our house when I get home on Sunday..

um and and and and....20 DAYS until Calgary amazing life times! Woot..Woot..Woot..

Oh and last night I played with 3 snotty nosed kids(they werent mean- just runny noses) then ended the day with a "Mint Mocha Chip Frappucino" from Starbucks...day complete!

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Neil said...

sounds like a good day! I had one of those mint mocha frapp things the other day from starbucks at work... it was I must admit absolutely delicious!