Missed it..

Today is the all acclaimed April Fool's Day and I missed it! I was so pumped on the 30th and was thinking of all the hilarious stunts I could pull and then I forgot! Who forgets? Boo! -

I mean crunchy peanut butter on the toilet seat anyone?
Saran Wrapped cars?
Rooms full to capacity with balloons?

The list is endless and I forgot...is there a chance you can do this day over?

Well on another note my birthday is in 21 days! I go home in 29! Mom heads up, I would love a birthday cake in the teddy pan, possibly chocolate with chocolate icing? Yumm!


Cat said...

i think you should have a yummy vanilla cake...yum that would be good

Walshy said...


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you...boo vanilla!

Anonymous said...

How about a lemon pie

Walshy said...

lemon pie? umm NO!