On of my youth is a basketball player. This means about once a week I find myself at a basketball game cheering her on hoping their team wins the game.

I have never like basketball.

As of late though I have been thinking maybe I never gave basketball a fair chance. I mean I did only try out once or twice when I was in Grade 6? Mr. Wilks was pretty intense and I was quite frankly pretty short! I did also have no real skills, I even held the basketball wrong when I shot, I was a walking failure at the game. I didn't like the sport because you could never hit anyone and I was always getting fouled (sad face).

Just yesterday though I got thinking.

If only I had learned the rules of basketball I am sure it would have been a different story. As I hear the coach talking to the girls saying "plant your feet if they push you it's a foul" I think that maybe had my Grade 6 coach took the time to really fill me in on the "tricks to not get fouls and still be awesome" I may have enjoyed basketball.

To be honest though I am pretty sure I still would not have played it!

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