The World Needs A Drink!

I was sitting with my mom the other night, well last night and I broke down! I have been on such a roller coaster that I do not even know where to go! I feel like so much of what I have done this far in my life has been pointless...not completely...I have met really cool people! But I just have those days where I want to scream WHY?!

This morning I have been listening to CMT and thinking about what I can do for dinner tonight when this song came on...I think the world needs a drink! And I thought "It sure does!"- Do not be afraid I did not get in the truck and speed off to the liquor store but there is a good point brought up in this song!

"Politicians slingin dirt
Got descension in the church
Another law suit in the works
Man you talk about a mess
Too much tension between miss liberty and the eiffel tower
Its about time we all made up at some big happy hour

I think the world needs a drink
I think enoughs enough
Shes been spinnin around so long i think she's pretty wound up
Calm down, sit back, relax
Tear up the contracts and save the ink
Yeah I think the world needs a drink "

I am not suggesting that we should all go out and buy a case of beer and say good-bye to our worries. But I do think we could all relax a bit, I know I could relax a LOT! I think we should all let life be...

Have a good day..


epsilon soma said...

i am a casual aquaintance of the beautiful sarah. today i ate one her cookies and SURVIVED!!!
Her mudder used the rest to chock the tires on the landfill equipment. i broke two teef. i tink she was run outta california by the state food agency. try again princess. love boo boo

sarah said...

you are a mean mean man Boo Boo!

jeff & austen said...

i am suggesting we go out and buy a case of beer and forget about our worries!

but seriously, good words sarah, good words.


Cat said...

good point...does this mean you want me to buy some stuff before you get here next week??

sarah said...

NO I do not NEED "stuff" Catherine! baaah!

Cat said...

that's a relief because i didn't really want to have to buy you stuff because that would be awkward.... only two more sleeps :D i love it