It's a great day to be alive!

I had a good sleep and am happy! yipppie!

Today I have one day off then 2 more days of work then like 9 months off haha..Yess! My summer job has been good and it has went by quickly enough for me to love it even more. Last week at one of our staff meetings we had a going away party for ME! I was surprised but I now can say I am an "official Aquatera employee/returnee" everything I got was "Aquatera" it was so generous.

So today I have to run errands for Catherine, well one errand and go to the bank and beg/plead for a Visa so I can have tons and tons of money...or be able to book a flight ha...

I am going to pack all day, and clean and go to the "Landfill" well to get rid of the things I don't need and see my mommy and Catherine..

I should go get ready...3 days and then I am in Calgary and 7 until I am in Newfy-Land! WOW!

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Natashia Wuermli said...

Excited or what!! It must be a great feeling to know that your job is almost over ... and then you'll be back in Newfie Land!! Sounds like a busy day ahead. Have fun!! Send my love to your mom and dad and that little but not really Ben!! (And I guess Catherine too!! :)) xxx