"I'm melting"

Well anyways it is soooo HOT that I am literally melting today and yesterday and most likely tomorrow too! ha! I was on the verge of tears today when low and behold a crazy man dropping off used oil "accidently" didn't tell me he had a MASSIVE oil filter inside this 20L pail of used oil. I found out shortly after while dumping the 20L with a big "kurplunk!" and then a little "ahhh" from me...needless to say the right side of my pant leg will remain black even after one cycle on warm in our washer at home...oh bother...on that note I have 9 more days of work left! Yess!

Last night and well the night before too I was laying in our backyard looking up at the sky and thought..imagine if the world was upside down! Like we walked on the clouds and trees grew from "green sky" and to get in our houses we went throught the chimneys... hmm..crazy to think sometimes...I know I know I am nuts but it is fun to "wonder" every now and then!

I have the weekend off which is beautiful and well who knows what I will do, maybe go on a little picnic or something with Ben or sleep the whole day through<--probably not!

Anyone out there? If so, is your world feeling upside down lately?

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