Faith in Jesus.

As I sit on the side of a hospital bed my hand on her shoulder we pray bodly to our Jesus, heal this woman Lord from the pain. We ask God many things once the Amen rings true she looks up and says "I can't lose, I am in a win-win situation, I go to heaven or I get outta here"- What a beautiful statement.

As I sit on the floor at her feet undoing all the knots in her ball of yarn she talks about days gone by, how I am not getting anything finished in my own knitting project and how Jesus is speaking to her. She says "I cannot see anymore, your wearing red I think, I can't taste the food I eat and I cannot smell it but I remember His words "my grace is sufficient for you.." and that is how I go through my days."- Wow..

As I sit out in the hall of the Senior Lodge we sit at the table, we sip coffee, tea and we laugh, oh we laugh from way down in our being. We talk about TV Evangelists and their idols they create how if we pay $19.99 we can get the special green healing blanket and she shakes her head in disgust. She talks about those around her that are lost then she speaks of a lady who sits at her table during meal time "she is a Jehovah Witness Sarah and I want to tell her about Jesus but I am scared, I don't know what to say but I know God would want me to tell her the truth"- We pray for courage.

Know He cares, He loves and He smiles knowing that His servants are not content with they ways of the world, they are waiting for Him, they are spreading His word, they are discerning the "other" voices trying to lead them away and they cling to Him. Faith in Jesus is all these ladies have, all I have.


Nat Nat said...

Beautiful, just beautiful

momma bear said...

you really should write a book