Benny is 18! And we are still the same...

It is my little brothers birthday today..he is 18..it is neat. We will induldge in Newfie supper and cake this evening before he goes on his wild adventure to the bar...pray pray pray..I always pictured things to be different when he turned 18, I would be married..I don't know..I would be older, wiser etc..

I am still the same it seems or should I say ..we are... we still live at home, we still sit in our same spots at the dinner table, we cuddle on the couch together still, we laugh at the same jokes and it seems like he is still that little boy in the oversized shirt and underwear sleeping in his little beddy. I mean of course his bed is bigger then it was back then and yes he has gotten a wee bit more wiser but it is neat how God has bound us together and that we can still talk to each other. Not every bunch of siblings gets that, some lose touch, some lose love and some just lose hope. I love that little man..And I wish him a GREAT birthday!

On another note..Youth group starts tonight, we are going to play some games, watch clips from a movie and eat banana splits..God is so good!

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