When it rains..it pours.

Today was a rainy day in my life.

God is really teaching me to let go, let Him in and to be at peace with that. Today as the Holy Spirit took over I cried..I cried in my pew..I cried while I sang..I cried as I walked up to communion..I cried at the rail..I cried all the way back to my pew. As Ben wrapped his arms around me in church this morning I felt like the storms in my life were brewing at an ultimate high. God hears me, He hears the cry of His people...I need to be reminded of that. I'm not depressed, I'm not angry but I am tired..tired of sadness..tired of pain..tired of unexplainable death..tired of sorrow..tired of bitterness..tired of being jealous..tired of being selfish..tired of satan having control over people the way he does. God is with me, in this world I will have trouble, but He has overcome the world(John 16:20) I need to be reminded of this verse in my life.

"rain come down, come and heal these sores, wash them clean, come and heal my soul."- Brie Stoner

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