A Birthday blog!

I turned 22 on the 22 of April! Wooot Big Deal!

On the 21st though I went out on the town with Nat and 3 othere friends to the cutest Italian restaurant where we sipped red wine and giggled with each other. It was the most marvelous birthday eva! I wore my new black dress I got for 21 dollars a few days previous and tried to look Hot! Those were my instructions from Nat except she just told me to be hot..not to try. It was really fun. I enjoyed being dolled up and being surrounded with a bunch of girls who have meant a lot to me!
Then on my actual birthday I induldged in many episodes of Road to Avonlea in my pjs on the couch, one of the BEST days eva. Nat then gave me my birthday present (a pciture frame of photos of us- LOVE IT!) and then we just cuddled all day while waiting for my flowers to come from my mom. Then it snowed..Yesssss! So funny..Then we had to leave to go to the church to help out with this community dinner, so fun also..And Then..a bunch of people came over to our house for tea, cake and conversation...THEN my friend Ginny and I went to Boston Pizza at 11 until 1..it was just soooo fun to chat so much and feel so loved.
Here are some photos of birthday fun times...and one photo of my cleaned car for my dad as proof that it really does exist!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY!!! I LOVE YOUR GUTS!!! Even your guts are beautiful, just like your amazing heart.