A lot of the time I feel like a doormat- here I am, just scuff your dirty boots on me and carry on you merry way.


Anonymous said...

As important as it is to deal with your emotions (always smart to deal with feelings in a healthy manner) in this situation, it's also important to tell yourself, "No, I'm NOT a doormat and don't deserve to be treated like one!" Your head may be telling you that, but maybe you're not feeling the same? I'm sorry you're feeling so . . . well, emotional about this stuff. If you want to call or text me sometime, I'm here for ya. Miss you tons.

Angela said...

I agree with Court! I love you and people should not be allowed to wipe all their crap on us and then walk away. If I'm going to be a doormat I want to be the kind that can get up and dust itself off. I miss you I love you and if you are in Calgary for the summer by chance I will be as well. Also I need an address to mail you a wedding invitation!