Hal the snowman..

This last weekend was glorious..especially my Sunday in the sun! It started with church, then we(Nat, Sarah and I) went for lunch at the "Heartland Cafe" a super sweet neighbourhood place that we walked too because it is super close to home and was beautiful out! After lunch we went to a knitting store and a bead store which we all have walked passed at least once since being here in Calgary and have thought "I should go in there!"- so we did- naturally! We then went on a walk to "Campbell Hill" which is a nature park or maybe a dog park? There were lots and lots of pooches.

We built Hal the snowman up there..Then we went to a random open house and strolled down the "actual" Blackfoot Trail here in Calgary- super coool! Then..yes there is more..we went to Sarah's house and had some Chai Tea..we love Chai! And.."milk frother, milk frother"! Then had some pizza and went to the cheap theatre to watch "Bridewars"- it was good..and we ate too much popcorn..yesss this is still all just on Sunday.

THEN..on our way home we all were wondering if Hal would still be alive..so we went to see. Walking through the park in the dark freaked me out of my tree, and as both Sarah and I hand in hand began to slow down while spotting the random thing in the distance..nat nat did not..she then screamed as the black object sped towards us..I was about to dropkick the rabid psycho beast when my vision cleared to see that it was just a pooch out on a walk- good thing! We found Hal..MURDERED! And all that we smelt around him was marijuana..what a doper! We also agreed that the next time we suggest walking through a dog park in the dark that we should just say NO!

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momma bear said...

You are not allowed to walk through random parks in the dark in cities ever! You are lucky I'm not there or you would be grounded!