This is my...100th post!

Did you know: "The bible has been translated into Klingon"
(for those of you who aren’t into sci-fi, that’s Star Trek jargon)- I am not into sci-fi but I thought that was a pretty crazy fact to have stumbled across..


Momma Bear said...

Happy 100th post!
Happy 100th post!
Happy, happy,happy 100th post!

Seems like I'm the only one celebrating.

Sarah is GREAT!
Sarah is the BEST!
Sarh is my daughter!
I'm sorry for the rest.



Anonymous said...

happy 100th post!
That is crazy that someone spent useful time translating the holy bible into a fictional language. Even though i love star trek it is kinda sad, mostly because the bible needs to be translated in more useful languages.... however, maybe the trekkies can be converted now!

Walshy said...

there is hope for the trekkies! Mom my name is spelt SarAh! And I also feel sorry for those who are not your daughter..