Tonight is my night to make snack for youth group! I am planning to make turtle brownies and party mix with possibly hot chocolate to drink! We are going skating first so I have been thinking hot cocoa might warm us all up? Wish me luck! I am not a Brenda Walsh in the kitchen more a Ben Walsh, haah! Not that benny is a bad cook but I think you all get the point! I can assure you my final product will NOT look like the following but one can always dream! Happy Friday!


Cat said...

ok so you may not be a brenda walsh in the kitchen but i am positive you are not a ben walsh because if you were you would be serving Pizza pops and coke...LOL

I was suppose to make buns for Bible Study tonight and ran out of time so I just bought bread :O

Anonymous said...

Do you remember that time when we made appatizers for CLBI? I still have a picture of it. It was kind of weird, and not that good. Nor was your cheese. But it was fancy, and that's what CLBI is all about.

Walshy said...

Catherine you are so hilarious! ha ha! And Troy eww for the sick cheese! But if we ever end up at a party together I am going to bring some just for you!