Spring had Sprung!!!!

This will be a quick post lamenting on the fact that spring HAD sprung here in little old saskatchewan only to dissapear! I mean it has been fairly warm for this time of year but I don't like the fact that it melts one day, snows the next! Make up your mind! The farmers in the drugstore talk about how much moisture we need in the ground and are happy the weather is being ADD! I on the other hand am not a farmer nor ADD and would appreciate knowing if I can retire the winter coat or not?!?! Frustrating! It is half sunny and half frosty winter out, why? I want to wear capris and cute tops again without sweaters!


Marian said...

ah the bipolarness of saskatchewan weather...but I agree, I wish mother nature would make up her mind. Two days ago plus three. yesterday and today minus 10...I am definitly looking forward to the warmer weather too!!

Anonymous said...

yah and it's like all sunny and looking warm and stuff and so you put on a jacket and opened the door and you can literally see the cold pouring into the house. euegh.