Should post now..before I forget..

I made it to Lethbridge and am sort of enjoying my practicum? I am not really sure how I feel! I am here and am not dead and am doing good..

I have taken 53 peoples blood in 2 days which is an isanely large number that my little brain cannot fathom at the best of times...

It is cold here, well maybe it is cold most places in Alberta but I feel the chill down here in the windy city.

Soon is christmas and then I can be cuddled up with the fam watching tv or something like that!

I love you MOM! and everyone else..tee hee hee!


momma bear said...

We can't wait to cuddle with you Curly Sue, in our new old house. Yup thats the walsh family, why don't we just move at Christmas but guess what, I won't have to do Christmas cleaning.

allison said...

i miss having you sleep on the bottom bunk. its lonely. love ya.

Jes said...

oh no...you give people needles..one of my greatest fears! However, I have a feeling that having you give them to me wouldn't be too painful. XO