My priorities...

Hello world..it has been awhile..well that is how it seems to me. It is like life is just too busy for me to be blogging but then I miss it too much.

Life is moving forward.

Yesterday I found a whole bunch of old CLBI papers that I had wrote and was reminded of my time there. I found myself chuckling, wondering how sleep deprived I was when I wrote a particular one and then laughing at my Jesus of Nazareth paper- Natashia you would know the one..

I found my paper from Godly Relationships with Aimee and LCO and especially my paper titled "The Necessities" (referring to what I need in a man)

I quickly skipped past who I should be and quick to who he should be, I began reading..some were very valid "must love the Lord, must love me..you know..the basics..some were more comical "must be open to changing <--what was I thinking! haha!

Then I wandered back to my list...

#1 got me.

Must love the Lord and be commited to Him daily.


What about weekly? Monthly? Does that count? Sure it does but that is not where I want to be. I want to be daily. So here it is. My priorities.! I was over on Courtneys blog and agree I am more prone to being a Martha rather than a Mary. Lord, take this from me, settle me down, calm me to rest in you, Amen!.

I guess if I am still working on my first priority of what I should be for my husband then perhaps he is still working through his own list...I need to prioritize who owns my heart; the world or the Lord...

Lord this heart is all yours!


ElleBelle said...

hey walshy- i love ya.
Can i have your mailing address?
I love to look through my old papers too..I'm often amazed at what i wrote!

Lynne said...

Hey Hey Sarah! Let Jesus love you, relax and enjoy each moment of the day you're in. He'll do the rest.

Walshy said...

hey elli

13018 94st
Grande Prairie, AB
T8X 1S7

jeff and austen said...

are you freaking kidding me!!?? and they say nothing exciting ever happens in grand prarie...

p.s. sorry we have not talked in ages, my fault.