You're a Puzzler..

I take weekly or even sometimes daily visits to many of the Senior Lodges here in Grande Prairie. One of my favorite lodges by far is Wildrose Manor. I enjoy this visit because I am very fond of the people living there. I enjoy meeting new ladies, bumping into Troys gramma and I have two ladies there from the church who I go visit. There are some days when we play cards, build puzzles and drink tea and others where I wait for them to finish up their BINGO game.

This past Friday I popped in for a visit. One of my girls was busying playing BINGO while my other girl wasn't feeling so well so she was laying down. It was about 2:40 and I knew BINGO would not end until 3:00. As I was walking down to the open meeting area I saw my beloved Joyce nestled down with a puzzle. Joyce is a woman who grabbed my heart quite suddenly six months ago on my first visit to the lodge, she helped me get where I needed to be and at the end of my visits I sat with her for an hour and built a puzzle with her. She calls me a "Puzzler" and she is so cute. She always wants to finish a puzzle quick and surprise people, her joy blows me away. On Friday I sat with her and we built a puzzle together while BINGO wrapped up. I lost track of time and sat with her for 2 hours building a Christmas puzzle.

God is showing me that it is in the time and the quiet spent with others that love and acceptance are found. With Joyce and the puzzle we are busy on our task to get all the pieces in place, we work dilligently, quietly and patiently. I started thinking how if I worked with that same attitude I would be sure to accomplish more for the Lord. I thought of Elizabeth and Zechariah and how the angel told him he would not speak and what must have been running through his mind. Here is a man told his wife will be with child and he is literally speechless..I can see him getting ready for the arrival, making sure everything is in place and all without the worthless distraction of noise. I see him accepting the little faith he had in the temple and being blown away by his wifes growing belly.

If I did less talking and more focussing.....I think I would accomplish more...

Or if I did more praying and less talking I would accomplish more..

Something I have been pondering lately.


Cat said...

I wish you lived in Camrose and could visit the dear ladies where I worked.

ElleBelle said...

I'm always really convicted and in awe of how much you ALREADY accomplish...You are a powerhouse in the kingdom my friend.