Last night at our Advent service Pastor preached on Joseph. I never have really thought about him much, the man who went with Mary to have the Messiah. It seems every Christmas I think of Jesus, of Mary but I forget about Joseph.? I have wondered if maybe it is because I am a woman so I tend to feel more of the Mary feelings rather than the Joseph feelings.

Our Pastor told us there needs to be more Josephs in our world...

He went into the story of Jesus. He brought to light an important message of Joseph and the real "man" he really was. Here is a man who literally at first thought "why would she do this to me? I have remained pure and she goes behind my back and gets pregnant!"(referring to Mary). He then has a dream and we know how the story goes from there, he takes Mary as his own with Jesus. The amount of courage and trust and forgiveness for Him to be such a man of faith and wrap his arms around this son. A son who is not his own. Many can foster resentment when things do not go the way they have planned them but here is Joseph who after a bit of needed rest, dreams and is brought to the realization that this child is to be his own.

Some thoughts...this Christmas Eve.

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Cindy said...

Very well said.... I love to read your thoughts here Sarah because they always make me think!!!