Jesus is Coming!!!!!

I am in full Christmas swing..life is frantic..I am trying to prepare a room for Him...in my house..in my heart! Christmas makes me go crazy, I love it but it makes me go nuts. There is never enough hours in a day. I find myself baking cookies at midnight, singing Silent Night in a hundred different made up accents and trying to find time to enjoy Advent. It is always a struggle to balance time but I am finding Him in the ordinary.

Yesterday as Mom and I "put" up Christmas in our house I undid boxes of memories..We are not one of those "designer" families (sorry mom! hehe) and I love that we aren't one. Our Christmas tree has no color scheme or theme..it is us, Bens pom pom guy, sparkly gluey pine cones, A&W bears and more..It is however real..it is how I remember it to be and hope for it to be in the future.

As we pulled out our Nativity all I could do was giggle..there was the angel dangling by and ornament hook (she must have hung on top of the stable once upon a time?!?) the poor Shepherd that got a little to close to a candle at one point in his life and the wisemen that Ben and I used to sneak and play with in his fisherprice castle..(sorry mom..!)! God is so good at reminding me of the love I have in this family, the memories from Christmases past and the hope for what is to come.

Be blessed!

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Daryl Jones said...

I am also a big Christmas fan. However this year because of the workload. I barely have time to think about Christmas. It's a pity. But thanks your blog am a bit more in the mood.