Sikh Service.

This past Sunday I went to a Sikh service with my roomie, and friends. It was our excuse to wear our saris and eat Indian food plus just pretend we were in India. It was a lot of fun and the people were sooooo wonderful, no shocker there. The food was semi-good..some of it I know I had had in India and did not like so I did not eat it, all in all though it was a good experience. However, it made me sad to see the devotion people have to such an impersonal God. I could never be Sikh, there is no freedom..work work work your way up the "steps" and hope to transmigrate..hopefully because I am a woman into a man...seems so..sad. However, I did learn a lot about them, how they try to view everyone equal and are open to other people from different religious backgrounds showing up to worship with them. Once again the Priest spoke in some language (punjabi maybe) and I did not understand one single word. They did introduce their "Canadian visitors" aka "us" and butchered each of our names, I truly felt as if I was back in India.

It was a heart wrenching, brain stretching, lovely experience.

pray for the sikh.

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