Ash Wednesday..

A mark on our forhead, a reminder of the sacrifice to come, a realization that the sacrifice was made and the reality that we are living in the freedom of that one act each and every day.

I enjoy Ash Wednesday, I like the time to stop, listen, reflect, cry and remember why I am a Christan, why I believe what I do and how I can only make it through with help. There is a beautiful comfort in letting go, in confessing, in listening to our own hearts cry out to the Lord of heaven and earth. During communion I stood infront of two men, two pastors, two brothers in Christ and realized the level of respect I have for these two individuals. As they broke the bread and poured the wine for me, I saw Jesus, I saw Him there, met Him there and wept like I always do when I meet Jesus in His place of worship, I weep. I love that God wants to show Himself to me, I love that He cares that much.

I didn't have ashes on my forhead this year, we didn't attend the traditional "Lutheran/Catholic" service. I instead will pray with God that I wear that cross on my forhead always, not just on Ash Wednesday.

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