Happy Valentines Day!

Well..it has been quite the time for me. WOW.

I am the Educational Program Director here in Calgary at a place called Spaceport, which is like a science centre buisness. I went to Camrose on Tuesday night to visit Pastor Jim and Chad for one day. I have been feeling very busy lately. I have a long weekend which I plan to play a lot during. I am going to Banff on Monday to sit in the Hot Springs. Nat and I went bowling with a bunch of friends last night and wore matching toques, mitts and our "No Condemnation" sweatshirts, it was sweet (Troy we wished you were there!). Tonight calls for a possible taco/dutch blitz/movie night with the friendsys.

I feel happy, and feeling something has been rare this last little while.

Hope you find the one you love today!....sick...


Ashley said...

haha... "...sick..."

The Spaceport as in at the airport?!

Breezy said...

Hey Sarah!! I miss you....we should make a phone date sometime!