The snow is melting revealing..

the earth below

I love when the snow starts to melt, when you walk outside and there is a breeze of fresh warm air. It for me marks a time of renewal, refreshment and restoration. Spring is coming, beauty is about to bloom literally, it is exciting. I know I have to relax because I am situated in Calgary and I am pretty sure this is what they call a "chinook" but I love it! I love the random winter/spring/winter/spring transition, it keeps me on my toes. Yesterday as I dodged puddle after puddle I just decided to embrace the coldness of melting snow. Wearing princess shoes and walking through puddles brings more than a smile to my face, it brings contentment in my soul. I plan to wear capris today, with my princess shoes and hopefully step into a few puddles on accident, maybe even on purpose.


Anonymous said...


This entry made me happy.

From the Lake said...

lol yeah for chinooks and wet feet!

Nat Nat said...

You are wise ... and you share refreshing posts ... I love your honesty and the glimpse of God working in you that you allow us to see. xxx