Travelling Bee...

I sit here in "Conception Bay" at about 11:30pm typing this post to any readers out there..I love Newfoundland!

Well lets recap:

Two nights ago we had a shin-dig at my Nan's to celebrate her 75th birthday, which isn't until October. All of her kids are home so they thought..what good timing for a party..and let me tell you PARTY! We had a cooler the size of a deep-freeze full of ice and booze(I am irish) and well people drank...We kept on joking about the band coming at 9 which was not going to happen but then did..haha..these guys who used to play in a band and travel were in town for the night and came up and played us some jigging tunes...a riot! My Aunt Gemma started a cake fight where icing was everywhere...crazy family..I was forced to sing a whole bunch which was awkward but I did it for my family...we had fire works for here which was fun and my Uncle Len cooked up more crab and fish stew..this place makes me smile...so I am in love with this place..housing is sooooooo good that it just makes sense to live here..

Then yesterday was "Fleur de lys' Days" haha..there was a parade which was one fire truck and ten cars following that honked there horns.."weak" but funny...no one would drive the fire truck so they made my dad do it..he doesn't even live here and he was the hed of the parade..it was amazing...there was horse shoes/games/dunk tank at the park and THE lamest fire works I have ever witnessed haha...good night I tell ya!

Now I sit here at my cousin Jasons where I have eat too many chips and am ready for bed..

missing you all..


natashia wuermli said...

Oh the adventures!!! Sounds like a blast in the Walsh family!! Love ya xxx

Cat said...

I knew you would want to move there. Sounds like a good party. My sisters wedding was good it didn't end until 2am and it only ended then because the cops showed up..but it was all good we weren't in trobule they just said shut it down.
Ok so I starting to feel the way everyone does about Tom. I went to work this morning and Suzanne was there and Jody told me I wasn't working so I am a little pissed off right now.

I wish you guys were here. Charlie is doing well. Didn't bug me at all last night speaking of him I should go check on him he is outside.

Love you

Love Cat