Excursion around the bay..

I am on "THE ROCK"

Yesterday night I was up at my Uncle Len's eating hot crab out of the pot, semi-learning how to shuck it properly, I am not that good! We had a fire where I ate smores, spider dogs and drank too much pop, I am going to gain 50 pounds before I come home! I swear it!

Today we went out in the boat with my Uncle Kevin, he is a fisherman(that is his profession) and well his boat is awesome..I still feel like I am rocking haha...Well we went out a ways and then we spotted some whales..so we watched them and howled where we all took videos/pictures and were in aww of the ocean..My Uncle then stopped the boat in this bay area where we went jigging for some fish...we caught herring and marcarol(might be spelt wrong) we had to throw the herring back because we can't catch them yet but we had some feed this evening on macarol..best fish in the world...your tummy smiles when you eat it...On our way back in we spotted a few Humpbacks in the distance and one was right by the boat...all my family "jumped in fright" as they would say...then we saw some "jumpers" those are dolphins...I also saw jelly-fish of all size...

What a day!..

I think I might buy a house out here and retire waaaaaay early...why not? Who needs to work...collect my EI stamps in the summer months and go out west in the winter and work with my dad...look at my plans unfolding..I am losing it...

feels like winter here...my toes are chilled...the ocean breeze is breath-taking literally.

I am having a drink now with "ice-berg ice" that means actual "ice" in my drink off of an ice-berg! crazy crazy!


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natashia wuermli said...

Awww Sounds fun!! Thanks for the post - I love hearing what you are up to over there in Newfie Land!!

PS We got a basement suite to live in!! And hopefully you'll be able to see it!! I'm so excited!!!!

Love you xxx