It is my parents 26th Wedding Anniversary today and to make it wonderful my dad has decided to take her jiggin squid...what an event to be had I can only imagine. I can only imagine because just a day ago I was jiggin squid where we brought in 3600 lbs of it! Gross!

I am sitting at my Uncle and Aunts only because I searched for the "hidden key" there is one at everyone of my family members houses and it is usually not difficult to find...the one here was hanging off of the outside light..So I have broken in so I could use the internet and type a blog PLUS escape another hour of Nans house..I isn't bad but it is fun to escape every now and then...

I have to fo now though...I have been found and interrupted and must now call my nan back...how will I explain myself?

Well my trip is coming to a close but yet just starting...I will see Nat Nat soon...

wishing you all well..


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natashia wuermli said...

Hey girl! Hope all is well with your nan after you disappeared for a while!!

So excited to spend next week with you1 Ah!! Have a really good last few days with your family.

Love ya xxx