So...I quit

I did, after four years I am saying good-bye to my job at the church.

I am most definitely NOT saying good-bye to:

  • the church
  • my youth
  • my God
  • Grande Prairie
It's been a long time coming of me praying & wrestling in which now I finally have peace, such peace. I feel the calming reassurance that "You can still do Gods's work without receiving a paycheck from the church"

With this decision has come many attacks in many forms:
  • on my faith
  • my heart
  • through an ex-boyfriend
  • through lies
  • through gossip
Satan is having a field day and I am thankful for all of my praying friends who are always there with me to fight off the darkness. As I transition I would love if you could keep me in your prayers, ask God;
  • to remind me I am His
  • nothing can snatch me away
  • being a christian has nothing to do with where you work
  • He is faithful

All my love blogging peeps, God is good :)

1 comment:

Courtney Jane said...

Big decision there, Sarah. I'm glad you feel at peace about it. You're right, who you are in God's eyes doesn't depend on where you work, or if you're involved in a ministry of sorts. I had struggled with that one a bit, so I know where you're coming from in that regard. Best wishes, and prayers, are being sent your way!