I love Him.

Brothers, they're a hard thing from time to time but also so gentle, very gentle.

My younger brother adores me and by adores me I literally mean he cares a GREAT deal about me. He worries when a new "boy" comes calling, he warns me to be on my guard, he shakes his head and he says straight up "guys are jerks, I am a jerk and I don't like guys talking to you." His heart is so huge. Some people say "Ben is so protective of you, so over the top, he needs to settle down, give you space." The thing that bothers me so much about these statements is that none of these people truly know Ben, know his motives; he loves. He has said broken with tears in his eyes "I want you to be married soo bad, to meet the great guy but I am so fearful that you'll be hurt" -

He would hate for me to say this but Ben reminds me of my Jesus sometimes (a lot of the times- He would HATE being compared this way but I know none of you will tell him and he doesn't read my blog! haha) My Jesus knows I have to walk, that I will make choices, some that are wise others that will require bandaids but He gives me wisdom, discernment and walks with me through it all.

Ben is a lover, and he loves me and I am so thankful for him everyday. We may be different, may be a lot closer than other siblings but I think our relationship is simply a gift from God; a blessing and I will not tell people "ah I am lucky." I am not I have been blessed by my Saviour with a brother and friend who surpasses all my expectations of him (and I am a pretty demanding gal!!!)

Once in conversation with a friend I was mad that Ben hadn't shoveled the driveway yet (his job) and I said "I should just shovel my side of the driveway and put all my snow on his side as a punishment." My girlfriend said "that would be a dumb move because he will just shovel it all back to your side." But you know what? I sat there stunned because my Benny Boo Boo Benny would NEVER EVER shovel the snow back, he wouldn't, just never would. Ben is a giver, a lover and a friend with no hidden motives.

My Jesus is all these things and MORE!

How blessed indeed!

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