Water Aerobics & Sex Songs.

I go to water aerobics, everyday pretty much and the above picture is an accurate depiction of the type of ladies who are in my class. I love it, it's a fun way to work out, be active and not look like you're dying of dehydration. I've been attending for a year now and since our old pool closed and we moved into the new one we have been without any tunes for some time. Recently they have purchased this new music machine that usually busts out the beats of Abba or some Celine to a pumped up jam. I enjoy it!

A few weeks ago they introduced a new cd and I have dubbed it the "sex songs" disc. Unforunately because I went to public school and rode the school bus I know every word to these awful songs and I find myself singing along loudly. The other day when I caught myself singing "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes" I stopped myself, dunked myself in the water and went woooow! I couldn't believe that the staffing thought this was the best CD for us to be working out to. I started wondering if I was the only one who felt a wee bit awkward or if I was just overreacting because I'm so innocent <-- lol not likely!!

When I turned to see an old grandma singing along to "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" I thought maybe I am old school. Maybe I need to be a bit more with it, or hip or whatever they call it! Then I thought about it again and decided Nope I don't have to be. Music is lame. I don't like how it gets into your brain and doesn't escape. I do not own any of the CD's with the songs I sing along to in the pool but they're there in my head catalouged away. Weird.

I guess I don't know where this is going except if you think water aerobics is just for a bunch of sissy old ladies who are singing the beats of Abba then don't let them fool you. They're young hipsters who are singing "Sexy Back" and burning the calories!

I do hate the CD and I'm planning to say something next week so I don't have to be singing all those nasty lyrics but I have also been praying for God to imbed His word in my heart so I can be singing that instead.

And it is so odd to hear a 60 year old belt out "shake your body like a belly dancer" just saying!

Bless you all!

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Anonymous said...

HAAAHAA ha! That was hilarious. I do hope you can get them to change the cd.