Stress Relief

My mind is boggled, literally boggled!

When I was young and stressed I would go for a walk, a hot bath or cry with my mommy. Sometimes I would run into my dads arms and snuggle or lock myself in my room with my cat.

Now a days my teenagers (I have 20 of them) smoke weed, cut themselves, take up smoking or drink to deal with "stress"

I'm going crazy!

I mean yes, I did the smoking & drinking thing but it wasn't because I was stressed it was because I was young and stupid.

I am boggled.

Praying God can un-boggle me and teach me how to deal with these youth, how to talk to them and how to show them positive outlets to deal with their stress. I am going to a seminar tonight on "Helping teenagers deal with stress" and hoping to gain some insight then take it home and make it biblical. God is sure challenging me but walking right with me.

Suicide is rampant right now, honestly going out of control in my northern corner and I am sick of it! Everytime I check a message it's another mom with a messed up kid, another friend with a broken marriage, or another report of a preventable death.

But I will choose Jesus, I will choose Joy and I will choose Victory! The Victory won for me and everyone on the cross. I choose life, life with God following Him and seeking Him for all my needs!

If you think of Grande Prairie please send up a prayer like this

"Hey satan, MOVE BACK off of these teenagers, MOVE BACK off these marriages, MOVE BACK off these suicides and MOVE BACK off of our callings, GET LOST! IN JESUS NAME BE GONE! MOVE BACK! Jesus, ENTER IN to these teenagers, ENTER IN to these marriages, ENTER IN to these boggled minds, ENTER IN to our callings and GUIDE us, PROTECT us and REMIND us of Your LOVE for US! AMEN!


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ElleBelle said...

You may not feel like it, but God has equipped and anointed you to do the work you are doing there, of this I am confident!
In my opinion, loneliness is a big factor in teenagers and humans doing harmful things to themselves. If they have a full life with lots of supportive community to keep them accountable...I'm so glad it is you who cares about these kids and not me. I'd have given up!! But you, not you!! Keep loving those kids, Walshy!! You will see the glory of God in the land of the living!!