psalm 34:18

There has been a lot going on this week. On Tuesday night we had a 15 year old girl take her life. The sorrow in my heart is nearly unbearable but not only my heart but my youths hearts. I had a busy day of emergecy counselling and being there no matter what these kids needed.

Please pray.

* For comfort for the family grieving (mom, dad, sister and brother left behind)
* My youth group who lost a friend.
* For the blood of Jesus to be claimed over these young kids lives and that satan would have no power here in the sadness and grief.


On another note.

Dad arrived Thursday early morning and is now here to stay, mom will come back at the end of June. The parents are back in GP yet again but this time they bought a house, so I'm thinking it's pretty official.


Courtney said...

So heartbreaking, Sarah. I cannot imagine the pain that many people are experiencing through this loss. I will be praying, and anything you may need just let me know.

Lynne said...

My prayers are with you and those connected to this heartbreaking loss Sarah. What a terrible tragedy.