Courage- thanks Kvemsy errr Gilly lol :)

So I'm back.

Been gone from this blogging world for awhile but really feeling the pull to share the joys/struggles of my existence with my beautiful blogging/praying friends!

Life's hard.

Work... harder.

God is on the move, there is a lot going on but I am really starting to feel the stresses and tension of satan and his little lame guys who like to get right into a good thing and mess around. This good thing is the church and I cry a lot. Pray for guidance, pride to fall and COURAGE. I know God is working, and that He is sovereign but boy do things ever get messy & complicated in this life I live.

I am getting tired.

Not tired of God, oh definitely not! But tired of sadness of pain and of despair. That despair that drives you to hug a newly married woman whose husband doesn't desire to live anymore. The despair of men working for the Lord who no longer think the scripture is the "only" source. The despair of PRIDE killing any good thing in this world with the idea that "I am #1" Despair..dang despair.

But then...JOY.

It comes. Joy of answered prayers, walls breaking down and repentance being sought after. The joy of Gods' faithfulness and that He not only says it in His word but He does what He says <-- at least there is one great God-guy left out there whose bold enough to deal with the mess. Praise You God. The joy of parents moving back, bills being met, food being consume and Goddaughters resting in the Word of my Jesus.

Stopped at Elli's blog listened to a song by Cathy AJ Hardy. Then clicked another "Courage for today" and boy thank you Jesus for good solid Bible believing, sin repenting friends who seek after You and die daily to this ugly & messy thing called earth. Who refuse to live in the flesh but seek to love what You love. Praise YOU again!!!

Lift it all up in prayer my friends. It's been rocky. It's been exciting. Mostly it's been a lot of clinging to the Father for everything, oh how I love His warmth.


ElleBelle said...

haha THANK YOU!!!!
Cathy is an incredible lady. I hope you get her whole Cd. She has two others that are also incredible, full of biblical truth. She has had an amazing life full of clinging to God.
Much prayer for you!!! Be carried by the prayers of all the people who love you and by the strong arms of God!!!

Lynne said...

Sarah! Thank goodness for this post! I feel yah. There's a lot of evil to have to deal with daily. But a lot more joy and peace to be found too. Thank you Jesus! I hope you are encouraged daily Sarah. God loves his warriors.