Weddings and a Mission trip...

..some photos from Mike and Alex's Wedding. August 8th, 2009.

I have been busy! I was down in BC on holidays and got to enjoy seeing Elli marry her bestfriend David while I was surrounded in some of my bestest friends...Jeff cough Rogness cough..to name a few. It was a beautiful day filled with Gods' love and the joy was evident all over.
Then came a week of lounging in the sun and praying to get rid of my sick tan lines for my brothers wedding. The lines were still evident but the love filled the day so full they were not obvious to anyone. We partied hard, laughed harder and danced until we hurt. It was the perfect day for Mike and Alex and I could feel their joy in my own heart.

The day after Mike's wedding I went to Vancouver Island to induldge in a Mission trip which was an amazing experience. God found us there and shined in and through us during our time as we ministered to the children around us. The more we learned about each child the more our heart burned for them to know the real truth about God our Father. It was a great time of team bonding as I got to know our youth on a more personal level.

God is good! September is coming..and I am busy..but God is good!

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Nat Nat said...

Glad you had a great August ... and you looked beautiful (glad all worked out with the dress) ... love ya chickie xxx