Our church team "The Goodnews Bears" played in a final tournament this weekend and we rocked! By stating "we rock" I mean we sucked! Now suck is a harsh term to use because we all tried our hardest but I still have no other words to express how unfortunate we were as a team. We did however win one game because the team we were scheduled to play dropped out of the tournament..woot..7-0 victory! But other than that we weren't very impressive. I play second base and to sum up my weekend I will use a few short phrases. "Ball to the breast!- ouch!, we have to tag on a force? Yes this is me falling while warming up..wow! My legs hurt. Give me that old time religion! Oh I am supposed to swing at the ball? Sarah aka Bratty Bear AND I feel like a big marshmallow holding a glove!

It was a great weekend. Made us all laugh, we did have fun..or in some cases "ppppHUn!" but I thank God that He didn't leave my survival in this world up to my baseball skills!

I found the above picture..laughed a lot..I think that would be an accurate depiction of how I looked on second base...

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